I’m vegan/vegetarian/gluten free, can I eat at your restaurant?

  • We always ensure that our selection of ingredients covers all dietary requirements
    •  See a complete list of our buffet ingredients here
  • We wash down the grill, protect your meal with blockers, and use separate utensils to cook your food


I have an allergy, can I eat at your restaurant?

  • We often host individuals/groups with mild to serious allergies
  • Our buffet consists of mostly raw ingredients, selecting them is as easy as in your own home
  • All meats, sea-foods, egg noodles, and vegetables are each separated by blockers
    • The grill is cleaned to bare steel using carbon bricks removing 100% of contaminants
    • Then it is washed down
    • We protect your meal with blockers and cook it with unused utensils


I'm not sure what to put in my stir fry, can you help me?

  • We have recipes posted at the buffet you can use as a guide to create your own
  • Ask one of our staff members for tips on how to make a delicious stir-fry


Do you accept reservations?


Do you have private rooms?

  • Yes, we have private rooms that can accommodate parties from 6 - 18 comfortably
  • Private rooms are FREE to book on a first come first serve basis


I have a party with 20+ guests, can you accommodate us?

  • Yes, we accept large groups, we can host parties for up to 200 guests
  • Rental of the entire venue for private groups is also available
  • Please phone the restaurant and speak with the General Manager for details on large groups


What is the call ahead wait list?

  • In the event that we are on a wait to seat new tables
    • Anyone that is on the call ahead wait list will be seated prior to walk-in customers